As we reflect back on 2013, many things come to mind.  The highs, the lows, the good, the bad, the profitable jobs and the not so profitable ones, are all playing through our minds.  The Metrics for the year and the comparison charts are starting to actually get reviewed and broken down.  Using this information we plot our course for next year and in our good fortune the year after that.

But one thing that stands out for me as the small business owner,  as the most critical and crucial to our business and the construction  industry as a whole, is something we have already known about yet nothing has really changed.  This conversation has been had for at least the last ten years, yet not enough has been done to put a dent in the staggering numbers.  What I am talking about is our workforce shortage!

Based on data collected for the THE CONSTRUCTION CHART BOOK, we will be faced with serious issues in the short years to come.   In the next ten years, taking in to account the expected growth in our industry, and the fact that our workers need replacement (due retirement or out of industry), we will need 160,000 painters, 408,300 carpenters and 289,200 electricians.  That’s a lot of people – just to accommodate the expected demand in this country alone.

We need to make a difference!  How do you think we can reach this next generation of millenials and transfer to them our passion for this industry?